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SDSS Subscription Server

The SDSS Subscription Server is an online subscription management service for digital video, content or applications. You can provide secured, real-time subscriber (paid or free) access to your web video, content or application. 

Click here to see an overview of the subscription process.

The SDSS Subscription Server essentially links your Web Server to SDSS Registration and Subscription Processing in order for users to be able to securely sign up for paid and/or unpaid subscriptions to your video, content or application.


  • Automatic Paid or Unpaid Subscription Signups On-The-Fly.
  • Can provide online registration and subscription services for any Digital Video Content.
  • Can provide online registration and subscription services for any Web-Based Applications and Content.
  • Can provide online registration and subscription services for Folio siteDirector Infobases, dtSearch Indexes, NextPage NXT3 and LivePublish Content, Adobe Content Server eBooks, ODBC Database Content.
  • Online Credit Card Authorization (using Verisign).
  • Subscription confirmation and renewal notices sent automatically to your customers / users.
  • End-user accounts created on our system, NOT yours, so your security exposure is minimized.
  • Automatic Lost Password retrieval system for your users.
  • Auto IP Recognition for Group / School / Library / Corporate subscriptions.
  • Auto Referring URL Logins (Users logged in automatically based upon referring URL).
  • Web-Based Back-End User Account Maintenance System.
  • Uses software components already available in Windows 2000 / NT and Linux, or freely downloadable from the Internet.  In most cases, no additional software purchases necessary.
  • Replication Services Available for Emergency Backup
  • Software Creations / The Fien Group can provide complete installation and setup services for your system no matter where you are located.
  • SDSS Subscription Service has been market tested over several years with thousands of accounts.

The SDSS Subscription Server is an Internet application designed to commerce-enable your web video, content or application quickly, easily and inexpensively.  You will be able, within one hour of creating an SDSS Client Account, to offer secured web-based access subscriptions to your content no matter where your Web Server is located on the Internet.  SDSS will also allow you to offer file download subscriptions and online product purchases.   All this, with little additional software (in most cases), plug-ins or programming required. 

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Account Status

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Order Options



Unit Price

Number Units Requested

Setup Fee Basic Client Account which allows you to set up 1 initial Subscription and 1 initial Infobase record. This is a ONE TIME fee as long as you remain a Client. usd 195 1
Base Monthly Fee Basic monthly charge for SDSS services, regardless of number of subscriptions or infobases. Remember that this basic fee includes 1 Subscription and 1 Infobase (i.e., you can set up one subscription and one infobase for your end-users). usd 55 Based upon Number of Months entered below.
Additional Subscriptions Additional Subscriptions you would like beyond the first. usd 10
Additional Infobases Additional Infobases you would like, beyond the first.  If this subscription is for Adobe eBook, NXT3, LivePublish, ODBC or dtSearch content, you can leave this at 0. usd 5
Number of Months If this is for a new account, please enter the Initial number of months for the duration of your Client Account.   If this is for an existing account, please enter the Additional number of months by which you wish to extend your current Client account.  
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SDSS Features and Requirements

SDSS allows you to offer to your end-users:

  • Infobase Subscriptions, paid or free, on-the-fly.
  • File Download Subscriptions, on-the-fly.
  • File Download or Product Purchases, with Shopping Cart.

Benefits to you:

  • Entire subscription process is automated.  No worrying about usernames, passwords or expiration dates.  This is all handled for you.
  • "Re-Subscribe" reminders automatically sent to your end-users prior to subscription expiration.
  • All configuration over Internet by browser.
  • Detailed access reporting, via browser and/or file download.
  • Fastest, easiest and least expensive solution for providing automated, secured subscriptions to Folio Infobase, NXT3 / LivePublish, Adobe Content Server and dtSearch content over the Internet.


Content Type

Gateway Configuration

Software Requirements

OS Platforms Supported

Folio Views Infobase sdServerServlet
  • NextPage siteDirector
  • Your Folio Infobases
  • SDSS siteDirector SoftPages
  • Java (JRE or J2SE)
  • Java Servlet Engine
Windows NT
NextPage NXT3 sdssNXTLogin Windows 2000
NextPage LivePublish sdssLPLogin
  • NextPage LivePublish
  • Java (JRE or J2SE)
  • Java Servlet Engine
  • Authentix
Windows NT / 2000
dtSearch sdssAuthLogin
  • dtSearch Web
  • Java (JRE or J2SE)
  • Java Servlet Engine
  • Authentix
Windows NT / 2000
Protected Directories
  • Your Content / Application
  • Java (JRE or J2SE)
  • Java Servlet Engine
  • Authentix
Windows NT / 2000
Adobe eBooks
Adobe Content Server)
sdssEBookServer Windows NT / 2000
PHP / JSP / ASP / Java / C++ / VisualBasic
Content / Applications / Video
  • Your Video / Content / Application
  • sdssVerify Program Interface


Windows NT / 2000 / Linux
ODBC / Web-Based 
Content or Applications
  • Your Content / Application
  • Java (JRE or J2SE)
  • Java Servlet Engine
Windows NT / 2000

Installation Support:

We provide a service whereby we will install and configure Java, Java Servlet Engine, Authentix or Microsoft Active Directory components on your system for a flat fee.  In short, we will configure your system to immediately begin taking advantage of the SDSS Subscription Server.  Please contact:

For information on SDSS in general and details on setup for Folio Views Infobases, Adobe eBooks, NXT3, LivePublish and dtSearch please see:


Real World Examples:

Phone: +1 310 324 7032